Undergraduate Scholarships


The Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering has a number of merit-based scholarships available for first year students in the program. Students admitted to civil & environmental engineering will automatically be considered for a departmental scholarship. Newly admitted students will be notified of scholarship offers shortly after their notification of admission to the College of Engineering, and the selections will be based on information students provide in their University of Maine application. Questions about scholarships may be directed to the department chair.

PaCEsetter Scholarship

Outstanding prospective students will also be automatically considered for a PaCEsetter scholarship. The Civil Engineering Association of the University of Maine has funded eight scholarships of up to $2000 annually for two years. The primary criterion for PaCEsetter scholarships is demonstrated commitment to academic achievement and professional development.

Other Scholarships

We have more than a dozen departmental scholarships, ranging in amounts from $150 to $4,700 (amounts vary from year to year), to award to our undergraduate students.  If you are interested in applying for one, contact Brenda Collamore in  January with a deadline of mid-February. These scholarships are applied to the following fall’s tuition bill. Here is the Civil Engineering Department scholarship form to apply.

The following is a list of other scholarships available with approximate dollar amounts:

Allen F. McAlary $4,700
Bancroft and Martin (two each) $3,300
Ralph G. Knowlton $3,000
Weston L. Evans $2,800
Jacob & Martha Bishop $2,500
William R. Gorrill $2,400
Sheldon D. Smith (two each) $2,400
H. Walter Leavitt $2,000
Blackwell Family Scholarship $1,900
Robert V. Cullinan $1,400
Eric W. Cobb $1,200
George K. Wadlin II $1,200
Maine Section ASCE $1,000
Lucius Barrows (MBTA) $1,000
MBTA $1-2,000
American Public Works $1,000
MBTA $1,000
Ray M. Boynton $900
Winston C. Robbins ’32 $800
George & Abbie Greenwood $500
Carl Whitcomb Meinecke $150
MBTA/ASCE Transportation Conference Amount varies
Sleeper Sawyer Amount varies