To earn a concentration, a student must complete three 400-level electives with a grade of C or better in the concentration area as defined below. You will need to fill out this form and email to to declare the concentration.

Environmental Engineering:
CIE 430 (Water Treatment), CIE 434 (Wastewater Process Design), and either CIE 431 (Pollutant Fate and Transport) or CIE 439 (Solid Waste and Air Pollution)

Water Resources Engineering:
CIE 450 (Open Channel Flow), CIE 455 (Hydrology) and CIE 456 (Groundwater Hydrology and Hydraulics)

Structural Engineering:
CIE 442 (Structural Design I) and CIE 443 (Structural Design II) and CIE 440 (Structural Analysis I)

Transportation Engineering: (temporarily suspended until further notice)
CIE 424 (Urban Transportation Planning), CIE 425 (Transportation Safety) and CIE 426 (Advanced Roadway Design)