Undergraduate Program

Welcome students! You are heading for an exciting career in Civil and Environmental Engineering. The faculty and staff are here to teach you and help you along the way so that you become a successful engineer.

Undergraduate Student Resources

Focus Areas
Each student must take electives in at least three of the focus areas shown below for graduation.  If they choose to, students can also earn a concentration as part of their degree, but this must be declared with the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department before the start of their final semester.

  • Transportation:  focus on roadway design and planningHydraulics Lab2
  • Environmental:  focus on interaction of engineering, soil science, chemistry and biology to resolve environmental problems
  • Water Resources:  focus on hydrology and design of water resources such as groundwater, surface water, and watershed engineering
  • Structures & Mechanics: focus on mechanics, modelling and design of structures  such as bridges and buildings
  • Geotechnical: focus on the engineering behavior of soil and design of foundations and earth retaining structures