Student Activities

The main Civil Engineering students activities revolve around the following main competitions:

The competition take place in Spring every year where they compete at the Regional Level (mainly New England) and if you are good, then you get to compete at the National level. So get involved! it is fun and you will make lots of friends (through hard work, of course).

ASCE Student Chapter

Many civil and environmental engineering students join the University of Maine Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

the Chez

The UMaine ASCE Chapter is oriented towards all branches of civil engineering. The group carries out service projects, brings in speakers of interest to students, arranges field trips, and holds social functions.  New students are encouraged to join and become involved in activities, as the organizations provide many educational and recreational opportunities. Notices of meetings are regularly posted in Boardman Hall and in the UMaine ASCE facebook page. There will be organizational meeting in early September.  The ASCE Student Chapter maintains an office in the basement of Boardman Hall (the Chez).

Faculty Advisor:

Other contact:

For more information, visit the National student organization

CHI EPSILON Honor Society

In 1980 the University of Maine Civil and Environmental Engineering Department became the ninety-third National Chapter of Chi Epsilon (XE).  Membership in

Chi Epsilon is based upon scholastic performance with the top one third of the senior class qualifying and juniors who are in the top quarter of their class.  A GPA of 3.0 or better is required regardless.

The XE community events  are usually tied to Habitat for Humanity and involve great projects  such as building handicap ramps for the elderly, and many other fun projects.  The members are also encouraged to hold tutoring sessions to the incoming class (usually at the Chez ).

Faculty Advisor:

For more information, visit the National organization.

Other Engineering Societies

There are other engineering societies that embrace engineers no matter what disciplines. The most involved at UMaine are: