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Hydraulics Lab

Concrete Lab

Geotechnical Lab


Boardman Hall

Welcome to the University of Maine Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.  Located in Boardman Hall, the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is one of the oldest and most respected departments on campus. Our undergraduate curriculum provides students with a broad-based civil engineering education, with focus on:

  • Structural Engineering & Mechanics
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Geotechnical  Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Water Resources Engineering

The degree culminates with a two-semester capstone design sequence requiring students to work on multi-disciplinary teams and apply their civil engineering knowledge to real-world problems.  There is a Senior Capstone Gala where students present their work, get a chance to interact with engineering professionals, and the evening finishes with formal dining.

Our research-active faculty typically supports numerous graduate students conducting research in several sub-disciplines of civil engineering.

Distinguished Civil Engineering Students

  • Savannah Devoe, CIE Outstanding Senior (2017)

  • Eddie Gonella, Hovey Award Senior (2017)