M.E. in Water and Environment (4+1 program)

A minimum 30 credits are required for the ME degree with a concentration in “Water and Environment.” For more information, download the current brochure.

  • Up up to 9 credits may be carried over from a previous UMaine degree. Up to 6 credits may be transferred from an outside degree. 
  • A minimum of 12 credits must be at 500 level.
Approved CIE Courses (Minimum 15-credits)
CIE 430 Water Treatment
CIE 431 Pollutant Fate and Transport
CIE 434 Wastewater Treatment
CIE 439 Solid Waste and Air Pollution
CIE 450 Open Channel Hydraulics
CIE 455 Hydrology
CIE 456 Groundwater Hydrology and Hydraulics
CIE 533 Aquatic Environmental Chemistry
CIE 534 Environmental Microbiology
CIE 537 Water Pollution
CIE 551 Water Wave Mechanics
CIE 552 Physical Hydrology
CIE 553 Water Resources Sustainability
CIE 554 Natural Systems Hydrodynamics
CIE 555 Computational Methods in Water Resources Eng.
CIE 558 Coastal Engineering
CIE 559 Marine Turbulence
Other Electives (Maximum 9-credits)
BIO 468 Lake Ecology
BIO 550 Biogeochemistry of Terrestrial Ecosystems
BIO 572 Paleoecology
CIE 549 Numerical methods
ERS 521 Low Temperature Low Pressure Geochemistry
ERS 580 Hydrogeology (only in lieu of CIE 456)
ERS 552 Geomorphology
INT 527 GIS and Remote Sensing
MEE 557 Continuum Mechanics
MEE 560 Computational Fluid Dynamics
MEE 562 Advanced Fluid Mechanics
MEE 564 Fluid-Structure Interaction
MEE 565 Offshore Floating Systems
PSE 509 Experimental Design
PSE 546 Chemistry of Soils
SIE 509 Principles of GIS
SIE 510 GIS Applications
SIE 512 Spatial Analysis
SMS 501 Biological Oceanography
SMS 520 Chemical Oceanography
SMS 525 Marine Biogeochemistry
SMS 541 Physical Oceanography
STS 434 Introduction to Statistics
CIE: Any 400- and 500-level course only in consultation with the advisor