Willem Brutsaert, P.h. D.

ProfessorWillem Emeritus
Ph.D. – 1970
Civil Engineering/Colorado State University

The teaching activities of Professor Brutsaert include hydraulics, surface water and groundwater hydrology at the undergraduate level, and water resources systems engineering and groundwater modeling at the graduate level. His research interest focus on quantitative as well as qualitative aspects, including modeling, of both surface water and groundwater. He studied the occurrence and removal of radon from groundwater and among other projects, is currently involved with a geohydrologic evaluation study of a spray irrigation system for wastewater treatment. He is co-recipient of the 1988 Best Paper Award in the research division of AWWA for his work on point of entry removal of radon from drinking water. Dr. Brutsaert has been with the University of Maine since 1973.