Dr. Warda Ashraf

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Team Members


Rakibul I. Khan

MS – PhD student (expected graduation: December 2022)

Dissertation: CO2 activated binders


Kavya Shirisha

MS student (expected graduation: August 2019)

Dissertation: Functionalized nanocellulose for cement-based materials. Co-advised with Prof. Eric Landis

Belal Hossen

PhD student (expected graduation 2021)

Dissertation: Carbonating subgrade materials for in-situ soil stabilization. Co-advised with Prof. Aaron Gallant


Naveen Saladi

MS Student (expected graduation: May 2019)

Dissertation: Value added utilization of woody bioash as construction materials

Muhammad Intesarul Haque

MS student (expected graduation: 2021)

Dissertation: Multi-functional concrete 


Kyle Peoples

Undergraduate Researcher


Connor Demmons

Undergraduate Researcher