Dr. Warda Ashraf

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1. 05/28/2019: New article published: see here

2. 05/14/2019: Welcome Intesarul Haque! A new graduate student in our research team. Mr. Haque will work on multifunctional and durable concrete.

3. 05/03/2019: Congratulations Naveen for defending his MS thesis.

4. New article published: see here 


With aging infrastructures and limited resources, it is timely to enhance the resilience and sustainability of construction materials. Our research team links the fundamental physicochemical properties and processing techniques to (i) develop new materials and (ii) improve existing materials for durability in extreme conditions. We primarily work on the following areas:

  1. Infrastructural materials with low carbon footprint
  2. COsequestration in infrastructural materials
  3. Durability of infrastructural materials
  4. Advanced experimental techniques

Learn more about our research areas here.