Aaron Gallant, Ph.D., P.E.

Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

311 Boardman HallAaron Gallant
University of Maine
Orono, Maine 04469-5711

Phone: 207.581.2391
Fax: 207.581.3888
Email: aaron.gallant@maine.edu

Ph.D. Civil Engineering,
Northwestern University, 2014

M.S. Civil Engineering,
Northwestern University, 2011

B.S. Civil Engineering,
Tufts University, 2009

CIE 460Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering
CIE 598 –
Geostructures I – Foundations
CIE 598 –
Geostructures II – Earth Retention Systems

Research Interests:

Combining theory and practice to reconcile observed performance and behavior of natural landforms, geo-materials, and subsurface infrastructure.  Skills and experience include:

  • Monitoring performance of geo-structures and ground behavior
  • Evaluating constitutive behavior of saturated and unsaturated sediments in the laboratory
  • Analytical and numerical analyses of coupled mechanical processes

Continuing and emerging interest include:

  • Ground improvement/stabilization, including blast densification and column-supported embankments
  • Behavior of gassy/unsaturated sediments and resiliency to instabilities during extreme events and dynamic loading
  • Soil-structure interaction

Journal Publications:

  1. Gallant, A.P., Shatnawi, E. (2018). “Influence of soil-column interaction at depth on performance of column-supported fill embankments.” J. Geotech. Geoenviron. Eng., ASCE, (submitted).
  2. Gallant, A.P., Finno, R.J. (2017). “Measurement of gas released during blast densification.” Geotech. Test. J., ASTM, 40(6) 1011-1025.
  3. Gallant, A.P., Finno, R.J. (2016). “Stress redistribution after blast densification.” J. Geotech. Geoenviron. Eng., ASCE, 142(11), 04016064, 1-11.
  4. Finno, R.J., Gallant, A.P., Sabatini, P. (2016). “Evaluating ground improvement after blast densification: performance at the Oakridge Landfill.” J. Geotech. Geoenviron. Eng., ASCE, 142(1), 04015054, 1-13.  (*Selected by the editor as an ASCE Smart Brief)
Refereed Conference Proceedings:
  1. Mahmoodi Chanzab, B., Gallant, A.P., Mason, H.B. (2019). “Stability of unsaturated sand beds in the tidal zone during tsunami loading.” Proc. GeoCongress 2019, GSP, ASCE, Philadelphia, PA (submitted).
  2. Cortes-Garcia, L., Landon, M., Gallant, A.P. (2019). “Assessment of helical anchor capacity in marine clays for aquaculture applications.” Proc. GeoCongress 2019, GSP, ASCE, Philadelphia, PA (submitted).
  3. Sloan, J.A., McGuire, M.P., Gallant, A.P. (2019). “Load displacement compatibility method for design of column-supported embankments: comparison to case histories.” Proc. GeoCongress 2019, GSP, ASCE, Philadelphia, PA (submitted).
  4. Gallant, A.P., Shatnawi, E., Farouz, E., Jones, T. (2018). “A case study of settlement and load transfer at depth beneath column-supported embankments.” Proc. International Foundations Congress and Equipment Exposition, ASCE, GSP, Orlando, FL.
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  6. Finno, R.J., Denby, G., Zapata-Medina, D.G., Gallant, A.P. (2011). “Effects of construction-induced stress changes on dynamic shear modulus of Bootlegger Cove clay.” Proc. of 2011 NSF Engineering Research and Innovation, Atlanta, GA.