Advanced Geotechnics Laboratory

Advanced Geotechnics Laboratory

The Civil & Environmental Engineering Department houses the 850-ft2 Advanced Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory, equipped with state-of-the-art soil testing equipment used for research, education, and a wide range of soil investigations.

triaxial testStress Path Triaxial Testing System

Stress Path Triaxial System

This system is computer automated using synchronization of the motorized load frame and has a full suite of load, displacement, and pressure sensors, with fully automated data acquisition. This system allows for isotropic, anisotropic, and K0 consolidation of soil specimens and shear in compression or extension under any desired load path.




Direct Simple Shear System

Direct Simple Shear (DSS) System

This is a computer controlled simple shearing system with an automated data acquisition system designed for assessing undrained shear strength of clays using both monotonic and slow cyclic modes of shear. It is best used for assessing shear strengths for slope stability projects and strength anisotropy. Conforms to ASTM D6528.



Constant Rate of Strain (CRS) Consolidation Systems (4)

Constant Rate of Strain (CRS) Consolidation Systems (4)

This is a computer controlled consolidation system with automated data acquisition system designed to assess compression behavior of clays. It is similar to incremental load consolidation, but constant vertical deformation is applied to back-pressure saturated specimens, and displacement, load, and pressures are measured for determination of stress-strain behavior. Tests are completed in three days instead of two weeks. Conforms to ASTM 4186.



Direct Shear (DS) Devices (3)

This is a computer controlled direct shear system with electronic sensors and a data acquision system for drained shear of clays and sands at a variety of rates. Conforms of ASTM D3080.

Additional Laboratory Equipment

  • (4) 2.5″ diameter incremental load consolidation devices, including a lateral drainage oedometer cell.
  • Standard & Modified Proctor Compaction equipment including 4″ and 6″ molds and an automatic hammer.
  • Index Strength: Fall Cone, Laboratory vane shear (LV), unconfined compression test (UCT), pocket penetrometer, and Torvane.
  • Soil characterization capabilities (grain size, Atterberg limits, Loss of Ignition [organic content]).
  • High capacity Baldwin and Instron loading frames for materials compression and tension testing.
  • Coming soon: bender elements for shear stiffness measurement for the triaxial device.


For more information, contact Melissa Landon and  Aaron Gallant