EverFE: Software for the 3D Finite Element Analysis of Jointed Plain Concrete Pavements

For access to this software, please email contact Professor Bill Davids at william.davids@maine.edu using a gmail address. Include your affiliation and intended use for EverFE or EverStressFE in your message.


Image of 3D fininte-element analysis

What is EverFE?

EverFE (current version 2.24) is a user-friendly 3D finite-element analysis tool for simulating the response of jointed plain concrete pavement (JPCP) systems to axle loads and environmental effects. EverFE is useful for both concrete pavement researchers and designers who must perform either complex nonlinear or simple linear stress analyses of JPCP. The Universities of Maine and Washington jointly developed EverFE with funding from the Washington and California State Departments of Transportation. EverFE is available free from this website to any interested users, and can be installed on a Windows 10 computer. A complementary software package, EverStressFE, is available for the analysis of jointed plain concrete pavements.