Internship Experience

Students can receive up to three credits of Civil Engineering academic course work from work experienceby registering for CIE 394 in the Summer semester.  You are expected to keep a weekly log of the tasks you carry out while on the job.  Before receiving academic credit for the work experience, you must submit a three to five page report summarizing the experience and detailing both positive and negative aspects of the experience.  The weekly log, detailing progress in meeting your objectives, must be attached to your final report.    Employers may specify additional requirements for your participation in a co-op experience with them.  Conceivably, a student may work at a co-op job only in the summers after their sophomore or junior years and meet the minimum requirements for the co-op program.  This arrangement would not extend your time in college.  However, most employers want you to spend at least one extended period with their company prior to graduation.

Credits in CIE 394 count only as technical elective credits.  Those who participate in such programs say the rewards far outweigh the drawbacks.  The co-op program also provides a relevant means for aiding many students in paying for their college expenses.