General University Requirements

All students are required to meet general education requirements in addition to the college requirements.

The General Education Requirements cover five broad areas:

1. SCIENCE — two courses with laboratories in basic or applied sciences.  This is met by CHY 131/133 & PHY 121.

2. HUMAN VALUES AND SOCIAL CONTEST –18 credits with at least 3 credits from each of the five sub-categories.

  • Western Cultural Tradition
  • Social Context and Institutions
  • Cultural Diversity and International Perspectives
  • Population and the Environment
  • Artistic and Creative Expression

3. MATHEMATICS — at least six credits in mathematics.  This is met by MAT 126/127.

4. DEMONSTRATED WRITING COMPETENCY — must complete College Composition with a grade of C or better and at least two writing intensive courses; one of which must be within the academic major.  This is met by CIE 225 and CIE 413.  NOTE:  CIE 225 must be taken concurrently with ECP 225 and CIE 413 must be taken concurrently with ECP 413 for CIE 225 and CIE 413 to count as writing intensive courses.  ECP 411 meets the outside the major writing intensive course.

5. SENIOR CAPSTONE EXPERIENCE — All students are required to complete a capstone experience within their major during the senior year.  The course must be one in which the student draws upon and integrates the formal components of the undergraduate experience to perform at a professional level.  This is met by CIE 411.