Current Students

Welcome current students! You are heading for an exciting career in Civil and Environmental Engineering. The faculty and staff are here to teach you the knowledge. Looking for something outside of school? Check out our own student activities! Lots of them focus on helping others and community service that overall will help you grow as a leader in your discipline.

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Focus Areas

The main focus areas offered are as follows based on the electives you choose:

  • Transportation:  Discipline mainly focus on roadway design and planning
  • Environmental: Discipline mainly focus on interaction of engineering, soil science, chemistry and biology to resolve environmental problems
  • Water Resources: Discipline mainly focuses on hydrology and design of water resources such as groundwater, surface water, and watershed engineering
  • Structures & Mechanics: Discipline mainly focuses on mechanics , modelling and design of structures  such as bridges and buildings
  • Geotechnical: focuses on the engineering behaviour of soil and the design of foundations and earth retaining structures